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Thanks for your interest, on this page you will find summary of projects we are working on. Details of other projects will follow shortly.

School-based Health Promotion Project


We are delighted to partner with Professor Lesley Smith, Institute of Clinical and Applied Health Research, University of Hull and her colleagues to launch the School-based Health Promotion Project (SHP) in Northern Nigeria. The aim of the project is to understand health awareness, beliefs, and behaviors of adolescents attending secondary schools in Northern Nigeria with a view to developing a health literacy intervention that will actively promote peer-to-peer learning.


A pilot study is currently underway in Jigawa State, Nigeria. This pilot study will provide data on the prevalence of important health issues including; dietary patterns, personal hygiene, mental health (depression & anxiety), drugs and substance abuse, violence, and unintentional injuries. Data from this pilot will inform the development and evaluation of a health promotion intervention. 


FAYOHI Non-communicable Diseases Screening Project


In our quest to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases epidemic in Nigeria, we designed the 'FAYOHI NCDs Screening Project' which is aimed at determining the prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, high blood lipids, and obesity. The beauty of the screening exercise is that we place individuals identified to have one or more of the aforementioned conditions on medication straight away and where there is need for referrals to hospitals our volunteer doctors do so. We also incorporated a malaria control component in collaboration with PPFN and SFH where we gave out LLINs to the participants. Here are some of the pictures from the recently concluded screening exercise at Nuhu Alfa Health Centre, Dakayyawa.








































One of the most important public health issue in Nigeria is Malaria. FAYOHI is taking action to reduce the scourge of the disease in Jigawa state. We are proud to be among the major distributors of Long Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets (LLINs) in remotest areas of Jigawa state at a huge discounted rate. This is to ensure that cost is no barrier to prevention and every person at risk gets the opportunity to sleep under a LLIN.









More projects underway include:


  • Community Action Against Malaria Project (CAAMP)

  • Shisha Enlightenment and Advocacy Project (SHEAP)

  • Schools Health Promotion Project (SHP)

  • Anti-tobacco Advocacy Project (AtAP)

  • Fayohi Salt Project

  • Fayohi Hygiene (which includes hand-washing advocacy)

  • Maternal and Child Health Project (MCHP)







Community Action Against Malaria Project (CAAMP)